Want to improve your English pronunciation fast?

Want to reduce your accent, but don’t know where to start?

Want individual advice from an expert, but can’t find a teacher?

Take our voice test and receive your own Personal Pronunciation Course, the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to target your pronunciation problems – with expert help.

Record your Voice
5-minute online voice test
Expert Analysis
of your pronunciation
Your Personal Course
designed to target YOUR problems
fast improvement

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Who is the Personal Pronunciation Course for?
  • everyone who wants to speak British English more clearly
  • learners of English or native-speakers
  • speakers with other accents who want to learn Standard British (what’s this?)
  • speakers of British English who want to improve their diction (elocution)
  • YOU! Your course contains only the exercises you need – based on your voice test
The Personal Pronunciation Course can help you:
  • speak clearly
  • communicate confidently
  • reduce your accent
  • succeed in business
  • prepare for exams